Seed Beads

Seed Beads
All of our seed beads come from the Czech Republic. The beads range in size from Size 6 being the largest, to Size 15. With the exception of the size 6 beads which are sold loose, all other seed beads are sold in hanks. A hank of beads is a group of either 10-12 strings of beads tied together at the ends. Please refer to each size specifically for number of beads within each hank.

**If you are hoping to match a color specifically, it is best to send us a sample directly so that we can match up the bead for you, about an inch of beads on a string works best.

**Due to the difference of monitor colors, some bead colors may vary slightly. Orrs’ Trading Company strives to represent all bead colors accurately.

Description of Styles: Beads are first divided into two main categories: Opaque and Transparent.

Opaque – Solid color. You cannot see light through them and they have a “slick” feel or finish.

Transparent – Light penetrates through these beads and gives them a “see-thru” quality.

The following descriptions refer to the finishes and styles associated with the two categories listed above.

Luster – Refers to the sheen on these beads that can look like the glow of reflected light.

Rainbow – Sometimes called AB or Aurora Borealis. It looks like a rainbow on each bead.

Matte – Chalk-like feel and appearance. Their surface is free from shine or highlights.

Silver-Lined – Transparent beads with a square-hole with silver lining. They have a glitter-like appearance.

Mixes – Hanks of beads, all within the same size that contain beads from all different styles and finishes.

Opals – Have a milky quality to them and are semi-transparent.

Pearls – Same look as pearls.

Satins – Semi-transparent beads with a velvet look to them and a satin quality to their finish.

Supra Pearl – The surface of these beads look like the color was painted on. They only come in the opaque beads and do not fade.

Lined – Transparent with either a metal lining (for instance copper), or a colored lining; such as an aqua colored bead with a pink lining.

Metallics – Opaque glass beads that look like they are made out of metal.

Iris – This description pertains only to our metallic beads. These have the same sort of appearance as a bead with a rainbow finish on them. It might help to think of the colors on the edge of an oil slick.