Opaque Beads

Opaque Beads
Size 11 2-cut beads are sold by the hank, which is a group of 12 strands of beads tied together.

Each strand is about 20 inches long.

There should be approximately 3600 beads on each hank.

The 1/2 kilo bags contain approximately 15 - 16 hanks.

**If you are hoping to match a color specifically, it is best to send us a sample directly so that we can match up the bead for you, about an inch of beads on a string works best.

**Due to the difference of monitor colors, some bead colors may vary slightly. Orrs’ Trading Company strives to represent all bead colors accurately.

Opaque – Solid color. You cannot see light through them and they have a “slick” feel or finish.

Luster – Refers to the sheen on these beads that can look like the glow of reflected light.

Rainbow – Sometimes called AB or Aurora Borealis. It looks like a rainbow on each bead.

Matte – Chalk-like feel and appearance. Their surface is free from shine or highlights.