Nettles - 1oz

Nettles - 1oz
Item# nettles

Product Description

• Slows bleeding for skin & menstrual cycle.

• Treats hay fever, insect bites, asthma, and skin conditions that cause itching.

• Can help to detoxify the body and increases urine production.

• Can relieve the pain of gout.

• Great source of vitamins and minerals.

Steamed and eaten in salads, pastas, etc. Also as a tea, extract and capsule.

The leaf, on the other hand, shows some promise in boosting immune system function and is an effective treatment for many skin conditions.

One final use should be noted and that is nettle leaf has been used as a hair and scalp treatment for centuries, and those uses are being supported by research. Nettle leaf extract seems to promote hair regrowth and thicken hair, as well as reducing dandruff and scalp conditions when used as a rinse.

May lower blood pressure. If you are taking diuretics or other drugs meant to lower blood pressure, consult your doctor before using nettle leaf.

Its long term, extended use is not recommended.

Orrs’ Trading Company does not intend to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure through the sale of this herb. Use at your own risk.