Since 1992, Orr's Trading Company has worked hard to offer an exceptional selection of American Indian craft supplies at excellent prices. We have a long history in the Native American community starting with Billís Scottish Great Grandfather and Creek Great Grandmother who started a trading post in Oklahoma in 1890. Since then, there has been a trader in every generation.

We provide dancers and the rest of the Native American Community with not only the latest in materials, but also strive to keep traditional crafts and techniques alive. Because of this, our trading post is where people come for supplies but also a place where old friends bump into each other by chance and hang out sometimes for hours rekindling those friendships. We take pride in our place within the Native American Community and have discovered that many times people come for supplies and find out that their grandmother got her supplies from Billís father over forty years ago. It is where people can come get the things they need at a good price and leave feeling better than when they came in the door.

Over the years, due to our wide selection of beads and supplies, our customers are no longer just within the Native American Community, but also include The Scouts, Rendezvous Re-creation enthusiasts, Beading Society members, and crafters from all backgrounds.

We also have fun on the road many weekends in the spring and summer attending Powwows and Bead shows around the country; please refer to the home page for a listing of shows where you can come by and see us!

Our contact information

By email:

Store Location
Orrsí Trading Company
3422 South Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113
303 722-6466
Store Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm

Shipping Information:

We will do our best to get your order put together and on its way within two days of order placement. If we have questions or discover we are short on an item, we will notify you as quickly as possible. Once your order is ready to ship, it will ship via ground either with US Mail or UPS, whichever is the best option, unless you have requested otherwise.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

If you find that something you have ordered isnít what you thought it was, we are happy to exchange it for the correct item, please call us (so that we can determine shipping costs, what was wrong with item, etc) before returning the item.

At this time, we are unable to do refunds.