Damiana Leaf - 1oz

Damiana Leaf - 1oz
Item# Damianaleaf

Product Description

• Treats mild depression – a mood elevator that can help relieve stress and anxiety. Unlike many pharmaceutical antidepressants, it won’t decrease your sex drive.

• Helps treat urinary tract difficulties – works as an antiseptic to help control pain and fight infection as well as lessen pain during urination.

• Can be used as a laxative - works to tone the intestines and allow you to go the bathroom more regularly.

• For women, it works to help relieve painful periods as well as back pain and irritability associated with menses.

• Can help treat impotence in both men & women – Is thought to increase circulation to the sex organs. While men have traditionally used this herb for this purpose, women may find that they have a better sexual experience as well.

Directions: To make a tea, pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of damiana leaf, cover and let steep for 15 minutes. For an iced tea, combine damiana leaves with spearmint leaves, 50/50. It can also be used to strengthen the nervous system when paired with Oat Straw Tops.

Teas of damiana may lower blood sugars, but tinctures do not.

Do not use if pregnant.

Orrs’ Trading Company does not intend to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure through the sale of this herb. Use at your own risk.