Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads
Bugle Beads are cylinder/tube shaped beads.

Our #2 bugle beads are approximately 2mm long and are sold by the hank, which is a group of 12 strands of beads tied together. Each strand is about 20 inches long. There should be approximately 1350 beads on each hank.

The 1/2 kilo bags contain approximately 14 hanks.

**If you are hoping to match a color specifically, it is best to send us a sample directly so that we can match up the bead for you, about an inch of beads on a string works best.

**Due to the difference of monitor colors, some bead colors may vary slightly. Orrs’ Trading Company strives to represent all bead colors accurately.

Rainbow – Sometimes called AB or Aurora Borealis. It looks like a rainbow on each bead.

Matte – Chalk-like feel and appearance. Their surface is free from shine or highlights.

Silver-Lined – Transparent beads with a square-hole with silver lining. They have a glitter-like appearance.

Satins – Semi-transparent beads with a velvet look to them and a satin quality to their finish.

Iris – This description pertains only to our metallic beads. These have the same sort of appearance as a bead with a rainbow finish on them. It might help to think of the colors on the edge of an oil slick.

We are currently still working on this page. We do have Bugles listed in the link below and will be adding pictures of each color as soon as we can.